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Dye Sublimation Redefined: Explore the Cutting-Edge Technology That's Transforming the Industry ORCA Coatings
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Redefining the Sublimation Experience with ORCA Coatings

by Jayson A 22 Feb 2024
Redefining the Sublimation Experience with ORCA Coatings

Sublimation is much more than just a printing technology—it is a type of art that clings to bright memories, encloses feelings, and realizes the possibilities of expressing creativity. And at the heart of this transformation process are the sublimation blanks. Coupled with the right coating, these blanks have the ability to transform a simple design into a breathtaking masterpiece. Introducing ORCA Coatings, a Silicon Valley-born innovation that is redefining the standards of the sublimation market.

Why Coating in Sublimation Matters

Take a surface to paint upon. One is rough, porous, and inconsistent; the other is smooth, consistent, and fortified. The difference in outcome will be stark. The latter surface ensures that every brush stroke, every hue, is vivid. That's what exactly ORCA Coatings bring to sublimation.

ORCA coatings are not just yet another layer applied to sublimation mugs. It's a revolution. From Silicon Valley's innovation hub comes a state-of-the-art coating that offers surface perfection. The result? Impressively brilliant, lifelong imprints.

Sublimation with ORCA: Leap Ahead

ORCA's Black Grade (AAA) mugs are a testimony to our pursuit of excellence. The perfection zealously maintained throughout the quality-assuring process ensures an optimum coating density and the hardest polymer. Yet, this is not where the story ends. More than their good print quality, ORCA Coatings ensure the mugs are safeguarded from dangerous UV radiations so that your prints do not turn into a dull version of themselves and neither do you. And sticking to FDA guidelines is our testimony to an unwavering commitment to your good health.

Innovate. Elevate. Dominate.

Status quo is never an option in the world of sublimation. This is a rapidly growing field where "being ahead" implies embracing innovation with open arms. Our commitment is state-of-the-art technology and continuous improvement that differentiates Photomugs / ORCA Coatings from the rest. We create the trends, while the others follow.

Summarizing it up

Sublimation is making prints that will last through time. Expressions born at Photom USA Corp. / ORCA Coatings are not only long-lasting but also vibrant and safe for quality. Trust ORCA Coatings to redefine your sublimation experience, where every design is a vibrant, safe, and quality memory captured for a lifetime.

What else do you possibly want if, after all, in a world full of moments, your memories shouldn't be timeless?
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